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July 16 - July 20, 2014

The Grand National Rally is an annual gathering of Winnebago Industries produced products, which draws up to 1,400 units. This year's rally, taking place July 16-20, is sponsored by the WIT Club for members only. The rally runs for 5 days, with prerally activities and prerally parking available. The week is full of planned activities for the youth.

The rally consists of some seventy-five seminars ranging from product information on our products, vendor products, to craft classes. Vendors are located in a large air-conditioned facility. There are Merchant and Craft rows available, and entertainment throughout the week during the day, with top professional acts at a 3,000-seat amphitheater in the evenings. Eleven hundred 30-amp plus 300 50-amp electrical hook-ups are available with water on the grounds. During GNR, we have a honey wagon service available as well.

You may choose from several different parking options for 2014.


Out Of This World- Grand National Rally 2014
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GNR Pricing


30 Amp Sections$210.00*

50 Amp Sections$230.00*

Section C-50$280.00*

Dry Camping$150.00*

*Note: Early birds can deduct $30.00 from registration fee if submitted by April 12, 2014. Did you know April 12 is an important date in space exploration history? On this date, the first human being traveled into space in 1961 and the first reusable manned spacecraft, Columbia, was launched in 1981.

Contact Information

WIT Club
PO Box 268
Forest City, IA 50436

Phone 641-585-6874 or 800-643-4892, Ext. 1

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